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On the class trip to the Des Moines Art Center where we saw the Wander lust exhibit. Some of the featured artist included Allan Kaprow, Marie Lorenz, Pope L, Wangechi Mutu, and Ana Mendieta. The art in this exhibit was very diverse, because the show featured a lot of different art work from metal sculpture to photography, and mixed media. I would say that the exhibit’s style was modern because none of the art in the featured exhibit followed any of the guidelines of traditional art, it was completely about getting a message across and not just meant to be something pretty to look at. I am personally not a huge fan of most modern art because I feel like it looks like the artist is trying too hard. I was unimpressed with the multimedia video piece of the man who is dressed like a superhero without a cape crawling down a city street on his hands and knees. I realized that it had a political message, but I felt the video was inferior quality. It reminded me of a Hollywood B level film, limited funds and shot on a junky hand-held camcorder. The quality of this media piece really overshadowed the message for me.…show more content…
I found this hauntingly beautiful without the political message. I loved the color contrast between her body imprint with the red paint, it grabbed my attention immediately. The land was beautiful, and her imprint added a level of sadness and the contrast with the red paint added a level of darkness that captivated me. When I looked at those photos I felt like it was the earth taking her back, and the spattered red paint, symbolizing blood was a sign that she was refusing to go, or that she wasn’t ready to return to the earth. Those pieces just moved me and made me feel sorrow for

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