Luis De Góngora

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I enjoy the language of Spanish. I believe that it is beautiful in its own way and my favorite quote which comes from a stanza in a Spanish poem by Luis de Góngora. The quote is: Goza cuello, cabello, labio y frente, antes que lo que fue en tu edad dorada oro, lilio, clavel, cristal luciente, no sólo en plata o viola troncada se vuelva, mas tu y ello juntamente en tierra, en humo, en polvo, en sombra, en nada. In English this stanza reads: enjoy your neck, hair, lips and brow, before what was in your golden youth, gold, lily, carnation, gleaming crystal not only turns to silver or to drooping violet but you and all of it together [turn] into earth, smoke, dust, shadow, nothing. This quote means so much to me. It tells me to live life to the fullest.…show more content…
To many this may be just a normal “take advantage of your time” quote but to me it’s different. It represents never giving up. It tells about love and a woman yet at the same time it is speaking to me. This quote has been recently added to my special phrases in my brain and it is definitely there to stay. Taking advantage of life can be such a stereotypical motto but it really is one of the most important things to live by in my mind, stereotypical or not. The sad truth is, you never know when you might die. It could be tomorrow or in eighty years, you don’t know. You need to live everyday like it’s the last day you have. This is what this quote has taught me. This quote doesn’t apply to anyone more than it does the next. It is applicable in any situation, in any mindset, and in any person. It’s inspirational yet

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