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Pledging Allegiance I'm taking a course on self-esteem, and one of the things that was said is that 'It is really hard to respect someone who doesn't respect themselves.' Obviously this applies to friendships, coworkers, family, and even strangers...but it REALLY applies to romantic relationships. If you don't have respect for yourself, you can't expect a woman to either. It's just not realistic. It's like asking you to respect a boss who constantly disrespects themselves. When you are not capable of speaking up, acting properly, taking care of yourself, treating people well, or anything else that demands you respect yourself, you are sending a woman a message that you don't really care about yourself and how you are viewed, which signifies you have very low confidence and self-esteem. You want to respect yourself. When you do, women will respect you for who you are and what you are doing. Moreover, you become more…show more content…
Following is a video that talks about it beautifully. He's a little eccentric, but if you pay attention to him, he has a pretty decent point. I love how he says that self-respect is not being dissociated from your feelings. I just want to elaborate and say that if you are aware of your feelings, you will learn how you really feel about yourself. For instance, if you constantly feel bad, down, sad, upset, angry, or whatever, you can't respect yourself very much. It means you are doing something - making choices - that don't get you the results you want in life, and so you blame or beat up yourself for where you are. That's not respect. I have a lot of men complain about women on here. A LOT!!!! They are angry and sad, and they attack themselves for not being able to pick up women because of their habits, beliefs, personality, or whatever. How much respect do they have for themselves? Not much! And their beliefs about themselves is leading them to make choices that don't give them the outcomes they

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