Lucy Fir Dialectical Journal

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*CRACK* *RUMBLE* Lucy Fir awoke to the rolling of thunder. The patter of raindrops on her window made a cold hard sound, like someone was tapping on the glass. The darkness the bedroom matched her dark eyes. The comforting heat of her bed had drained out, leaving only cold behind. She drew the covers over her skin, skin as pale as the full moon obscured by dark threatening clouds. Turning over, she tried to go back to sleep. She didn’t get very far. *SLAM* Lucy’s door flew open violently, blown open by a cold, menacing wind. The ominous draft blew her raven-wing hair into her eyes, and when she could see again, she wasn’t alone. Eyes, in the hallway. Fiery orange eyes, full of anger, staring right at her. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t breathe. The eyes radiated hate and menace, so much that she couldn’t look anymore.*Blink*. The eyes were gone, and she felt stronger. Rolling out of bed, she flicked the light switch up. Nothing. The lights were broken or blown, nothing for Lucy to worry about.…show more content…
Turning down the left hallway she walked past the bathroom. Lightning flashed and thunder crashed, and the heat drained out of the hall. Suddenly the eyes were in front of her looking into the next room. Her parents’ room. The eyes were connected to a body; a small, crouched figure, with skin as pale as Lucy’s.*Blink*. The eyes had vanished again but the hatred and anger could be felt through the wall. She crept stealthily into her parents’ room, and what she saw nearly stopped her heart. The thing had its claws out, raised to raze her parents. The scream building in her throat escaped, but no sound filled the air. The thing brought its claws crashing down, and Lucy closed her eyes as her parents were ruthlessly

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