Low Self Control Theory

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he theory affirms that low self-control is established early in childhood, is the result of inept parenting, and tends to persist throughout life. This theory points out the importance of understanding that children to not learn low self-control, rather, it is the default outcome that occurs in the absence of adequate socialization. Parental warmth, nurturance, vigilance, and the willingness to practice “tough love” are necessary to forge self-control in offspring. The other factors that may result in low self-control include: parental criminality, family size, a single-parent family, and working mothers. The reasons are that criminalized parents don’t socialize well with their children, large families make it hard to monitor behavior, and…show more content…
If a child experiences attachment from his or her parents, the child will then learn the three other elements of social bonding. If the child acquires all four elements of social bonding they will not exhibit the effects of low self-control and will not result in a life of crime and delinquency. The belief concept and self-control concept to me both resemble each other in knowing what is right and wrong and having the morality to not do it. Both of these theories show huge importance of how the child is brought up and raised by their parents will result in whether or not criminal activity will be in the future. The difference between the two theories is that social bonding was based on the typical criminal, while low self-control theory was based on the typical crime. Low self-control shows that an opportunity must be present for immediate satisfaction of needs for the offender to commit the criminal act. The main difference in the two theories are the barrier of conformity which is present in social bonding but is not low self-control. Low self-control theory only shows attachment and none of the other three which are important to the development of non-criminal. The two concepts from these theories that can be combined to show criminal behavior is attachment and opportunity. If there is no display of attachment to the child from the parent and an

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