Lost Girl: Escaping Civil War In Sudan

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Lost Boy, Lost Girl: Escaping Civil War in Sudan tells the story of two children, Martha and John, and their struggles as they try to escape sudan and the civil war raging on there. They both had to live through hardships that most people would have trouble even thinking about what that would be like. But the two children preservired. This book tells how John and Martha lived through this horrific event and how they eventually made it to america. John Bul Dau is a Dinka, a tribe that lives in southern sudan. He grew up in a traditional cattle raising village, along with his friends and family. He and his family lived in peace until one day in 1987 the war came to his village, killing many people and separating John from his family. Him and…show more content…
But by some miracle, they finally made it, to Pinyudu. When they reached Pinyudu John became what is called a “lost Boy” the name given to the boys who escaped the war in Sudan and had no parents or family. John had to become a man during his time at Pinyudu, he was the leader of 1,200 boys, helping the sick boys and distributing food. But the time there had to come to an end, the Ethiopian government had made a deal with the northern sudan people, the people who were waging war on John and his people, so the lost boys and all the people at Pinyudu had to pack up and leave. The adults in charge of the lost boys decided that heading back to Sudan was the best idea so they started the long trek to the town of Pochala. John had to cross the Gilo river, which was dangerous, he almost drowned. But when John finally got to Pochala the conditions were far from satisfactory. Soon after the lost boys arrived in Pochala, a northern sudanese bomber dropped bombs on Pochala. But the UN and Red Cross started to help the people at Pochala, dropping bundles of food,…show more content…
But Martha’s story started slightly different, she lived in the city, not the country like john. You see Martha lived in Juba, the largest city in southern sudan, she lived with her mother, father and little sister, Tabitha. When MArtha was about 6 years old, her mother moved the family out of the city, away to her grandmothers house. Little did she know that the reason that they left Juba was due to the fact that war had broken out and they were no longer safe. A little bit later, Martha and her family went on to the village, called Wernyol, that her father had grown up in. Her parents left to go to church one afternoon and the rebels from northern sudan burned Wernyol down to the ground. She was now on the run, much like john was in his early days, but Martha had her sister, Tabitha, and Nyanriak, a neighbor from the village. So the group started out, with the elders guiding the moves of the groups. Martha wasn't attacked at much as john was, but they were attacked just the same. But sooner or later the group had to split up, Martha and Tabitha went to ethiopia, to Pinyudu. Life in Pinyudu wasn't the same for everyone though, Instead of living in a group of all girls like the lost boys, orphaned girls were put into a family that would take care of the girls, like they were their own. They were also kicked out of Pinyudu, like John and

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