Crazy Opening Scene

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The opening scene of crazy about one direction starts with a handheld shot of a group of girl fans, this make the audience feel like there more involved. The group of fan girls in the beginning are knocking on one direction hotel room this shows that they are crazy fans and are dedicated to meet them. The next scene is of two girl’s videoing themselves on their front camera of a handheld device is a confessional cam showing the two girls in depth on how they feel about seeing one direction and this also connotes that it is personal and showing what one direction fans are like in real life. The non-diegetic sound of the women speaking over, the narrator explaining what is going to keep the audience informed and she explains who one direction are. The framing and diegetic sound of the all the one direction fans screaming…show more content…
The interview of the girls in there room, talking about how much they love one direction the directors have tried to get the posters in the background connotes they are big fans and obsessed with them. The montage of clips of girls on technical deceives such as their mobile phone, laptops connotes that there fans are all together on social media for example twitter, which is the main one. There are close ups of phones, girls on their laptops, iPad tweeting away and the use of on screen text of twitter hashtags like ‘#ilovelouis’ connotes there fan base is mainly on twitter and that’s how the one direction fan girls come together and socialise. The close ups on their phone, of what there tweeting shows the audience how extreme there fans can get to just get a follow of them. The dress codes of the fans are that they were there one directions merchandise like there t-shirts, jumpers, bracelets and buy posters to stick them up on their walls connotes their dedication and how they will to do anything for them to show they love them and are huge
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