Loss Of Identity In William Gibson's Neuromancer

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Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push button finger.” In William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer, Joseph Kolinski’s film Tron and, and Rohan Silva’s article “I human: how to survive the rise of robots More middle-class jobs are being taken over by machines and software, but there is no need to despair”, technology is taking over. Advanced technology is causing humanity to lose certain aspects that make them human. In all three sources, the loss of identity is due to the presence of technology. In the novel, people in the society alter their appearances using technology. One character named Julius Deane makes yearly trips from Chiba to Tokyo, Japan to have his DNA code reset and look as young as possible, when in reality, he is 135 years old.…show more content…
Altering one's appearance to look younger is an extremely poor choice because if everyone looks younger than they actually are, there will be no diversity, and that will create a dull society. Along with changing their appearance, people in this society have a deeper connection with technology, which makes them lose aspects of humanity. The main character, Case, spend more time in cyber space because he feels that his physical body is just like a prison. “In the bars he's frequented as a cowboy hotshot, the elite stance involved a certain relaxed contempt for the flesh. The body was meat. Case fell into the prison of his own flesh,” (Gibson 6). Because of his previous occupation as a cowboy, Case uses cyberspace frequently, and now he is not fond of his real body. Loss of identity is also shown in the film. The main character, Sam, is brought into the game called Tron by a laser where he meets the programs. ‘Program' is the name the government in Tron uses to refer to their citizens,

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