Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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In the book titled A Raisin in the Sun, an African-American family is living in the time of segregation. The family living in the same two-bedroom apartment, consists of Mama, her children, Walter and Beneatha. Also Walter’s wife Ruth, and their son Travis. Mama’s husband just recently died, so they are expecting his insurance check of $10,000. The play is centered around what they do and what happens to that money. The check is important to the play, because it represents The American Dream, the house, and change. The American Dream is the dream life that everyone that lives/moves to America strives to get. The check helps represent The American Dream, because it can get them a house, a decent, well-paying job. On page 43 in Scene 1 Act 1, Ruth is not feeling good, so mama tells her to stay home. When Ruth says that they need the money Mama replies with, “ Somebody…show more content…
The check will definitely do the job. Because Walter quit his job, and lost $6,500 of the original $10,000, the Youngers are sure to get a lot of change. First, they will all pitch in for rent. They will all get jobs. Beneatha will be going to school to become a doctor. Also, Ruth is going to have a second child. Every Younger will be happier to be able to provide for their family. Change for the better is what he Youngers need, and is what the end of the book portrays, when she runs back and grabs the plant. In Act 3, the stage directions say, “ The lights dim down. The door opens and she comes back in, grabs her plant and goes out for the last time.” This quote represents change because it illustrates a new beginning. The plant symbolizes Walter and Beneatha, because they and the plant have been through alot and they are all still here today. When Mama takes her plant out of the apartment it means that there has been a change and they will not be living there anymore. They have a more hopeful and happy future ahead of
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