Livestock Racing Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered how animals end up from one place to another? If so, you were thinking about the transportation of livestock. Along with the transportation comes handling the livestock. We see animal handling and livestock transportation almost everyday. Have you ever been going down the interstate, and get a wiff of a cattle or pig trailer? This is one example of animal handling and transportation. Animals are not always hauled by trailers, animals are sometimes hauled by airplanes. Transportation is when agricultural animals are moved by vehicles or vessel from one place to another. When you are handling and transporting animals you should do so in a respectful manner. It is much easier to do so in a calm and collectable manner than being loud. The…show more content…
Animals can be hauled by boats, trailers, and even airplanes. 309 cows were once aboard the Boeing 747, when the cows started producing too much heat and caused the fire alarms to be set off. This caused the aircraft to make an emergency landing at a London Airport Cattle and horses having hearing that is more sensitive than humans.The human ear is the most sensitive at 1,000 to 3,000 Hz, and cattle are most sensitive at 8,000 Hz. When loading animals you should never yell or shout. Yelling and being loud may cause an increase in heart rate. Animals are very similar to humans. Have you ever been around loud music before? Yes you probably have, and if you noticed your heart rate was increasing just like animals. Cattle, sheep, and horses have wide-angle vision. They can see all around them without turning their heads. Animals will not move through a chute if they see shadows, reflections, or people ahead of them. For any type of animals non-slip flooring is essential. All edges and sharp surfaces must be covered, so animals don't injure themselves. After hauling animals in a trailer or truck, everything should be sanitized and put

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