Little Girls Or Little Women The Disney Princess Effect Analysis

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Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect In the article “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect” published by Christian Science Monitor, Stephanie Hanes conveys to worried parents all over the world that their little girls are being subjected to a 4 billion dollar Disney phenomenon that may warp their young minds into thinking that all they have to do is be hot and skinny to get what they want in life. Hanes refers to Mary Finucane’s young daughter Caoimhe throughout her article, she states that Caoimhe had, “stopped running and jumping, and insisted on wearing only dresses. She sat on the front step quietly – waiting, she said, for her prince. She seemed less imaginative, less spunky, less interested in the world” (Hanes p482).…show more content…
“The Women’s sports foundation found that 6 girls drop out of sports for every 1 boy by the end of high school, and a recent Girl scout study found that 23 percent of girls between the ages of 11 and 17 do not play sports because they do not think their bodies look good doing so” (p484). Hanes literates the effect that sexualization has in the schools, she writes “Sexualization leads to lower cognitive performance and greater body dissatisfaction. One study cited by the report, for instance, compared the ability of college-age women to solve math problems while trying on a sweater (alone in a dressing room) with that of those trying on swimsuits. Sweater wearers far outperformed the scantily dressed” (p485). Hanes later on expresses that even if the parents cut back on the amount of time their children spend watching TV that “the sexualization of women would still get through on the radio, in magazines at grocery store checkout lines, on billboards, and in schools, not to mention on the all-powerful Internet”

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