Personal Narrative: My Bleaching

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It was a Thursday night softball practice, and I was practicing my pitching. I don’t even know why I practice my pitching anymore, because it’s really no use. My coach never puts me in for pitching in the games, but she puts me in for left outfielder for approximately 5 minutes. I use to enjoy the game, until a new team member came along. She was also a pitcher, but she would pitch wild. I never had liked her from the second I saw her, because she acted really snooty and bossy. I remembered one month ago, there were 4 pitchers competing for the 3 pitching spots. I was with the team from the very beginning, and so were these other two girls, but this girl named KK had just come into the team two weeks ago. About 6 days later, I got the horrible…show more content…
Let’s go! Move it, Move it!” Coach Aimee shouted. I jogged to where Coach Aimee and the other girls were. “Ladies! We have a lot of work to do! You know, this is the last game of the season, and it’s the championship game against the Aces Express. I have a lot of confidence in this team! Especially in our pitchers.” “Alright, now you girls go on and get some rest. Don’t stay up too late, and don’t eat junk food in the morning. Meet at Field 1 at 9:45 so we can practice early.” After Coach gave us a warm up speech, I went home and devoured my dinner, and then I took a shower and went straight to bed. *beep beep beep, beep beep beep* I groaned as I slammed my hand on the alarm clock as I could smell the delicious bacon and the buttery biscuits. I excitedly jumped up from my bed and bolted to the kitchen. “Well, somebody’s excited that I cooked my daughter's favorite breakfast.” My mom…show more content…
It’s my favorite breakfast!” I shouted. “Well, you need to hurry up cause we need to be at the field in 30 minutes!” “Oh goodness! Alright I’ll be out by then.” I quickly did my usual morning routine, but I quickly got distracted by my own train of thought. “What if the U of H coaches showed up to the tournament, and I do horrible?” I brushed the thoughts off and went downstairs to get my softball bag set up. After a blink of an eye, I was ready to go. Whenever we got to the fields, I started to build up anxiety, because I saw the U of H coaches there. I juggled my bag out of the trunk and jogged to Field 1, I saw the team already practicing as I felt a wave of panic wash over me. “Walts! Late as always, 1 extra lap for you!” After morning warm up, we sat in the bleachers as our team waited to be called to Field 4 against the Aces. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Lake Jackson Texas Thunder!” Everybody stood up and clapped and cheered. “And now, please welcome Angleton’s Aces Express!” There wasn’t as much cheering as there was before which made me chuckle. We were about to start the game as Brooke went to do the coin flip with the other

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