Lipid Extraction Method

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Determination of crude lipid content of sample that carried out during this experiment is by the Soxhlet extraction method. There are two types of common extraction methods in order to carry out this crude lipid content determination which are either by wet extraction method or dry extraction method. Wet extraction method is performed with the water remaining in the samples while the dry extraction method is performed with the petroleum ether (benzine). In this experiment, all five group were given five different samples to run in the Soxhlet system which are shrimp meal, vegetable waste control, soybean meal, fermented purple non-sulphate bacteria and also fish meal. The Soxhlet extraction is being done by the removal of solvent through evaporation and the residue was weighted as the final value for the calculation of the crude lipid content in percentage. There are four main process that being performed by the Soxhlet system which are boiling process (30 minutes), rinsing process (40 minutes), evaporating process (10 minutes) and also drying process (10 minutes). Based on the data obtained for all the five different types of samples, we can see that Soybean meal has the highest crude lipid content which is 11. 5670 % followed by the fish meal with 9.7036 % and shrimp meal with 4.4872 %. The two lowest value of…show more content…
This may due to some errors which may happened during the experiment. One of the reason why this occurred because of the extraction method itself. Due to the nature of this extraction method which not only limited or specific to the extraction of crude lipid, the other substances also may be extracted too during the process such as residual moisture, pigments and other compounds. Besides, this method also do not ensure 100% of crude lipid are being extracted from the sample. Both of these conditions may effect the percentage of crude lipid content obtained from the

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