Lion Prides

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African lions, renownedly known as the “King of the Jungle”, and Wolves are both beautiful creatures who posses great strength making them some of the most dangerous predators in the animal kingdoms. They are extremely social animals, lions happen to be the only social members in the big cat family, living in very large social units or communities. For lions the groups they live in are called prides while for wolves they are called packs. Even though, their social units have different names they both live in strong family groups where family is above all. Through such strong family bonds along with their collective intelligence these predators continue rule and be a menace to their prey. In both wolf packs and lion prides there are leaders.…show more content…
Lion prides consists of up to fifteen or more members including a single dominant male, many related females, and their offspring. As said before, the prides have leaders a dominant male and female, where the dominant female truly leads the pride. In prides, female lions are the ones who do almost all of the hunting. Males only intervene in the hunt when the prey is rather large, such as a water buffalo, where their size and strength is needed in order to kill the animal. Lionesses are also specifically responsible in rearing and caring for the cubs. However, although it is not their duty to do so the male lions will also take part in caring for the cubs by playing with them. The male’s main duty is to defend the females, cubs, and their territory from any potential threats. Wolf packs have both an alpha male and alpha female and equally share the responsibility of leading the pack. On average there are eight to ten members in a wolf pack but can consist of up to fifteen members. A pack consists of the alpha father, alpha mother, their older offspring and their pups. Wolf packs have similar roles to those in a lion pride. The alpha’s are in charge of establishing the pack’s territory and in the tracking and hunting of their prey. Like the lionesses, female wolves are in charge of caring for their children and in doing most of the hunting. While the alpha male’s main responsibility is protecting

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