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Liliana Matancillas FYS Lead Yourself CGA Response Originally, I did not know much of this issue, for I never found much interest in it. I saw the effects around me, but I did not pay much attention to it. I did not realize how many factors go into keeping a healthy and balanced economy. I learned that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Although, the unemployment rate is not terrible, society needs to be educated and updated on these economic issues in order to make real change. Many of me and my classmates disagreed, but when it came to equal opportunities, we all came to a consensus. We feel that people should not work a full forty hours a week and still live in poverty. I also learned how hard the cycle of poverty can be on a family. Many Americans feel they cannot escape this because all of the restrictions. For example, if a young woman got pregnate in high school and received no help, she would be forced to drop out and take care of her child. This lack of education would most likely result in a low income from her job. She would not be able to afford quitting her job to go to school. She also wouldn’t be able to afford childcare at the rate that minimum wage is set at. Thus leaving this single mother to live her life in poverty.…show more content…
My mother is a prime example of this. She dropped out of high school and had five children. She became a full time house wife while my dad worked. Now that my siblings and I have grown up, she has the opportunity to get her GED and make something more for herself. She truly believes she cannot do it. Not only is she embarrassed, but she associates going back to school with piles of student loan debt that she and my dad simply cannot afford. She is settling for less because of these

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