Antigone Vs Creon Essay

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Human beings are more fulfilled in politics with unity, liberty, and meaningful satisfaction than they are in their private lives. We have a greater force together than we do separate in our personal lives. Sophocles believes that democracy is more important that dictatorship in that if people come together, great things can be accomplished. Sophocles argues that a dictator cannot and does not have the capability to rule a country by himself. Sophocles always tries to shed light on the idea that two heads are better than one. Dictators make decisions based on the benefit of him whereas democracy bases decisions on the benefit of the whole land. In the play Antigone, there was a point when King Creon declared that no one could mourn the death of Antigone’s brother, Polynices. He…show more content…
Antigone knows that a body left unburied will offend the Gods. She says that she will obey the gods before she abides by the laws of the king even if it costs her life. Creon exiles Antigone from the land because she attempted to defy his will of the land. Even though Antigone is Creon’s niece, he still had to go through with his plan because he had to show that the king law is what stands, no matter is you are related or not. Creon believes that law of the land is more important than blood. Sophocles believes in democracy still, so when the land gets cursed by the gods for the unproper burial of Polynices, all the people of the land want Creon to let Antigone come in the city, free from exile, so the curse can be lifted. Creon does not want to do this but realizes that even though he is the dictator and makes all executive rules, the people still can influence decisions of the land for the land’s well being. Creon had to go against his own rules and go by the rules of the people to help save the

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