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constituted the backbone of the Arab revolt. A large number of the Arab army officers organized the Bedouin tribes in the war against the Ottomans. The majority of the army officers were of Iraqi origin who had served in the Ottoman army and who either had been former prisoners of war in India and released by the Britain to serve the Sharifians, or they had come voluntarily to join the revolt. Some of the British Arab friends such as Nuri al-Said, Muzahim al-Pachachi, Ali Jawdat also contributed in the recruitment of army officers to use their military knowledge in the service of the Arab cause. Out of forty six officers who in two rounds arrived in Hijaz in 1916 thirty one were Iraqi officers among them Nuri al-Said and Jamil al-Midfai. As noted earlier, these military officers occupied several significant political positions in Iraq, and it was due to the fact that they attended one of the few military schools in the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire situated in Baghdad. After obtaining an introduction to military life at these schools the officers were given the opportunity for social and political progress nonexistent for Arabs in other part of the Ottoman Empire. It is believed that those who attained the military college in Istanbul came from families of modest…show more content…
Talib Mushtaq, a son of an Ottoman bureaucrat, maintains “ ... as for the poor families they made their sons attend the military school in Baghdad so that it might lead to their completing their higher studies in the Military College in Istanbul and graduate as officers in the Ottoman

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