Let's Adjourn Until Tomorrow

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adjourn- (pg.57) “Let's adjourn until tomorrow.” To suspend the meeting of legislature, club, committee etc. we shall adjourn this meeting until next monday. administrative-(pg.57) “I have some administrative tasks to get done this afternoon.” execute. these jobs are so administrative admissible-(pg.18) im ruling the kids testimony is admissible. allowable i rule this case admissible to continue affidavit-(pg.66) are you going to let us do the affidavit on the crime scene? a written declaration on oath made before an authorized official. you must swear on the affidavit conspirators-(pg.23) two of the conspirators will testify their understanding of this fact origin of conspirator look at all of those conspirators in that angry mob corridor-…show more content…
(pg. 7) a gallery or passage connecting parts of a building. just walk through the corridor to get where you need. dispensary- handcuffed the guy and then took him to the dispensary. (pg.2) a place where something is dispensed, go to the dispensary to get cleaned up grandiose- the state has presented this case in very broad, grandiose terms. (pg.27) affectivley grand or important what your doing is very grandiose herded- he is seen only briefly as he is herded through the heavy doors of the courthouse. (pg. 12). disparaging a large group of people. the whole crowd herded towards the building. infringing- infringing on rights of others. (pg. 21). to commit violence the young man was very infringing towards the woman lynch- we don't drag people out of their beds in the middle of the night and lynch them. (pg. 26). to put to death especially by hanging the prisoners plan to lynch the poor scrawny rat. methodically- we hear the sounds of fists methodically punching someone. (pg. 57). performed, disposed acting a systematic

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