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V. I. Lenin – The Call to Power October 24, 1917, according to the Russian calendar, was a day that sparked change. Vladimir Lenin penned his Call To Power, intended for the eyes of the Soviet Central Committee only. Lenin had been in exile in previous years, furthering his desire to create change in the Russian government. He had previously written letters based on the Bolsheviks and Provision Government, much similar to his Call To Power. Lenin’s background, his previous essays, and his letter to the Soviet Central Committee provided the build-up that sparked the October Revolution and a change in Soviet government. The Call To Power emphasized the necessity of a change of government in Russia that Lenin saw necessary. He wrote that the people need to be able to make the decisions for the country, and not just those with governmental power that only have their own interests in mind. After overthrowing the current Provisional Government, whoever…show more content…
“We have no right to wait until the bourgeoisie has smothered the Revolution”, he claimed. He focused his letter on peasants and the rising up of the common people of Russia. This was Lenin’s first real attempt at creating a Bolshevik revolution and knocking the bourgeoisie and Provisional Government from the powerful positions they held over everyone else. The points made in the October 19th letter provided fuel for The Call To Power as well as the Bolshevik demands that were also made on October 24th. The demands made by Lenin for the Bolsheviks were abolition of all monarchies, a single state bank, abolition of the standing army, and a sole government body overseen by councils of workers’, soldiers’, and peasants’ delegates. The demand for a sole government body ties in well with The Call To Power, because it emphasizes so much on having a leader in Russia who is for the people and not just the

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