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This piece of photography by Lee Friedland- an American photographer and artist, was found in one of his notable books, “Stems”. Friedlander included an influential and often imitated the visual language of the social landscape with many of his photographs. The image has unfortunately been untitled, but was published in 2003 by Distributed Art Publishers. The image content is of long, wild, confined growing stems placed inside a container almost full of water. This picture by Lee Friedland is depicting the beauty of stems of flowers, they are close together and are up tightly against the glass container. The photographer has managed to capture the air bubbles as they cling hold of the leaves. However, this is only seen in the lightened areas…show more content…
It’s repetitive and consistent, which causes a pattern to form. You can pick up on the texture of the leaves as Lee Friedland has managed to capture the delicate ripples at the top of the water, caused by the ‘Stems’. There is also texture on the stems and their leaves as they project a soft, fragile view. I believe the image is of quite a high contrast, there are a balanced amount of light and dark. The image is light in places that it seems light has reflected off, causing some of the stems to be blurred in the far left corner. Nevertheless, there are also darkened areas of the photograph, these parts define the stem leaves, causing them to cause texture in the image. The lighting used in the photo, seems to be more dramatic rather than muted, I say this because it’s dramatic lighting has emphasised the photo, causing more details and patterns to arise. Moreover, it seems the background is not in focus: thus causing the effect of the perceiver to directly aim their sights on the elegance of the stems. The stems seem to be in the foreground as they are placed directly in front of the camera; thus causing the container and stems to seem rather large. The scale of the image is enlarged by how close the photographer was in the container at a possible upwards

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