Lanesha Johnson: Case Study

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In this paper, I will explore the case story of Lanesha Johnson. I will also discuss the different cultural perspectives on health care of the characters involved in this case story. Asthma treatment has different medications such oral medication, asthma nebulizer and anti-inflammatory. Every drug prevents asthma signs if the patient follows the treatment as directed by a doctor. Cultural perspectives The impact of culture on the asthma prevalence is composite. It varies depending on the culture of that person. From cultural standpoint, it is not unusual for that Grandmother Marietta is the primary caregiver. African American culture allows grandmother and other relatives to be directly and heavily involved in a child’s care. Grandmother Marietta is a victim of the social and cultural factors that affect low-income and flawed families. Marietta’s family is clearly dysfunctional because she found herself in a situation where she has to raise two kids who were abandoned by their mother. Subsequently, she is also caring for her enfeebled mother. This point is corroborated by a recent study that bring to light that 12 percent of the African-American children are raised by their grandparents (Horky, 2014). Grandmother Marietta is overwhelmed with many tasks that she needs to complete in a given day…show more content…
Recent study has shown that emotional and behavioral disorders are common in children with bronchial asthma (Mathews et al., 2008). According to Mathews et al. (2008) “They have reported that 20% of children with asthma suffered from psychological and behavioral problems” Lanesha’s temperament resulted in disengagement and disconnection between her and her grandmother. Thus, it stops Marietta from constantly reminding her to do her puffer. Lanesha’s inability to follow and monitor her treatment regime appropriately has resulted in her falling sick numerous times that in turn led to her missing school multiple

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