Lacrosse Injury Research Paper

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Becoming injured in a sport is never a fun. Injuries can prevent a talented player from continuing or keep a player from the proper training in the sport. Lacrosse injuries are particularly bad because they can easily effect areas that are needed in non-sports related filed. Injuries from Lacrosse The most common lacrosse injuries can be separated into those that come from full contact and those that are non contact related. The full contact injuries are often from the players colliding and struggling with each other on the field. This is one of the sports where men and women often can sustain separate injuries. Lacrosse has different rules for men than it does for women. Not all injuries are common to both sexes. Male injuries usually include more of the full contact area of injuries. These can be face and body lacerations from the contact with one another. Bruises are also very common from contacting with one another on the field. Female Lacrosse injuries tend to be of the non contact variety. These injuries are often just strain from playing the game and over practicing. A player should only practice as much as her body can take it. Being injured can come from too much stress on muscles. Common Injuries…show more content…
Back pain is one of the most common injuries since Lacrosse is a game of running and scoring using tools called crosses. This puts much strain on the back muscles. If a body isn't in good shape or is over worked, the muscles will tear and lead to injury. Since there is a lot of running involved in the sport, ankle injures are very frequent among both genders. These injuries are usually sprains that can be properly treated in time and with rest. There are also breaks that are fairly common due to tripping and adverse movement on the

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