Kings Canyon National Park Research Paper

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Kings Canyon National Park, is a beautiful national park that is located in the southern Sierra Nevada, east of Fresco, California; home to the deepest canyon in the nation. It is the second largest nation park in the world located north of and borders Sequoia National Park, 36°47′21″N 118°40′22″W; both parks are administered as one unit by the National Park Service as the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Its name derived from its colossal-size; 461,901.20 acres (1,869.2 km2). Besides its colossal size, it also has a colossal amount of visitors of over 560,000 up to date; 566,810 as of 2011. This enormous park is covered with sky-scraping mountains, bottomless canyons, scattered sequoia groves, numerous lakes, waterfalls, hard-to-reach…show more content…
Long ago, Theodore Roosevelt was astounded by the beauty and wonder of the nation’s first National Park, Yellowstone, and announced that the park should be protected from loggers, developers, and miners; this sparked inspiration and led to the national park program to include many other national parks to be preserved and protected. The national parks are an iconic symbol of the nation; they undoubtedly embody the true spirit of our country, which consists of much of our nation’s history. Annually, nearly 300 million people come to visit at the very least one of America’s 401 national parks! These people, park visitors make up an essential part of the nation’s tourism economy due to nearby hotels, car rentals, diners, retail shops, neighboring attractions, etc. This activity alone of visiting national parks is a gateway for many other activities generating more than $30 billion in spending and supporting about a quarter-million jobs. Evidently, national parks have a significant place in the economy; it is a huge

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