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“Treats men as we use lemons, when he has squeezed them dry he throws away the peel” (95), this quote perfectly describes King Leopold’s actions toward the people of the Congo. King Leopold had a desire for land, resources, and competition with European countries for a “piece of the African cake”. The piece of cake Leopold desired was the Congo. Leopold put on a mask of a “great humanitarian”, making people think he was doing great things to help the people of the Congo. In reality Leopold did nothing to help the people. Leopold held conferences for explorers and potential investors to come and hear his lies about the work he planned to do in Africa. Leopold told everyone he would abolish slavery and bring civilizations to Africa. Leopold kept his interest in the Congo quiet at first so as to not have any interference from other countries.…show more content…
Many chose not to see it and ignored it or enjoyed it because they worked for King Leopold. However many people traveled to the Congo and only some people documented the horrible treatment of the forced laborers. Two major people out of several who spoke out were George Washington Williams and Edmund Dene Morel. Williams got the ball rolling in the opposition to Leopold by writing the first expose on Leopold’s ways of forced labor. Morel discovered the Leopold was using forced labor and was bribed to keep quiet by Elder Dempster because Leopold was a major customer of the shipping line. Much to Dempster’s dismay, Morel became devoted to exposing Leopold’s lies through the Congo Reform Association and his newspaper, the West African

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