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“The Horror, The Horror!” King Leopold of Belgium was greedy for power. He controlled trade and led the people of the Congo to destruction. Other European countries were swarming into Africa, Invading the land. Africa had no hope to survive culturally. Imperialists invaded for Africa’s resources and took all they could. The imperialists planned to take over Africa and negotiated about dividing Africa in The Berlin Conference. The Berlin Conference was the meeting that sealed the future for Africa. This conference is when the imperialists divided Africa between the European powers. Africa has been destroyed, and had been sentenced to darkness. Soon, the future of Africa will disappear. Colonization and imperialists are the reason for Africa’s…show more content…
While King Leopold II ruled of the Congo, he took advantage of the Nile River and controlled all trade into Africa. This river, under the control of King Leopold II, led the African people to their death. According to Source 1, King Leopold is shown as being a snake wrapping his body around a man in the cartoon. The African man symbolizes the Congolese people, while Leopold symbolizes a ruthless conqueror takes control of the people. King Leopold came to power and convinced others that he would do his job of controlling trade on the Nile river, but instead he had all the wealth and riches from trade come to him instead of the people of Africa. He was sneaking like a snake. King Leopold tricked the people into allowing him to control the trade in the Congo. By doing this and enslaving the African people, King Leopold II caused over half of the people of the Congo to…show more content…
Africans were being overrun by other countries and powerless and hopeless to stop it. According to the quote from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, “ Flames guided in the river, small green flames, red flames, white flames, pursuing, overtaking, joining, crossing each other.” Displaying this vast strike of other countries, Africa had nothing they could do to stop it. The force of other countries was the complete destruction of Africa’s future. These countries divided Africa, spreading their foreign cultures across the continent. The people of Africa are now unallowed to be African, the European took that privilege away. European imperialists changed Africa’s future for the

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