King Hrothgar's Pride In The Epic Of Beowulf

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There was a monster named Grendel that has constantly attacked the wealthy and the warriors of Danes. The king Hrothgar was very troubled by this unholy monster killing his beloved people. Beowulf the strongest man came to the kingdom of the king to ask him to let him lend a helping hand because he felt he was in debt to king Hrothgar; after all the king did help Beowulf’s father out a lot. And so the king agreed and Beowulf saved the kingdom with his monstrous strength by defeating the monster that constantly attacked Danes and the mother of the mother that soon started to rampage as well. Beowulf earned many titles, rewards, and honors because of his brave deeds. When he returned home he took the throne after his father and became the king…show more content…
Beowulf is seen as a selfish person that only thinks about his pride and power. There are many reasons why one might believe that. Beowulf always tried to prove his strength and show his pride to as many people as he can. He did so by going to king Hrothgar and boasting about his strength of how he “in the blackness of night” (156), hunted “monsters/ out of the ocean, and” (156-157) killed “them one/ by one” (157-158). He was advertising to the king all about his past victories that required superhuman strength and courage. To prove himself furthermore Beowulf told the king that his’ “hands/ alone shall fight for” (172-173) him against Grendel without a need for weapons. After he proved himself by defeating Grendel and his mother, Beowulf took “Grendel’s head and the hilt of the giants’ Jeweled sword” (570-571) because he wanted to bring it to his home and display it to the masses. He could’ve just left the dead alone but he had to exhibit his victories at his home through the dead. Likewise before his final breath he asked his men to bring him the spoils he has earned by defeating the dragon, the dragon’s treasure. He then soon commands Wiglaf to tell the Geats to build him a tower. He wanted this tower to be called “Beowulf’s tower” (818) so “the boats in the darkness/ and mist, crossing the sea, will know” (818-819) about his great…show more content…
He was just a king with his own desires to please himself and others. It is human nature that every person is selfish in one or the other way. Beowulf essentially took actions that benefited himself and others. Who cares if he was trying to show off himself by defeating the monsters, he did it in a way that saved countless lives and to prove himself. He still cared for others. He even thanked the “Ruler of the Earth” (806) for all the gold and the jewels, because it allowed him to bring all these assets to his “people while breath/ still came to” (808-809) his lips even if it meant dying. He said that he swore “no unholy oaths, / seeking no lying wars” (750-751). He even told Wiglaf to take what he leaves and to lead his people and to “help them” (812). What king no matter of who they are is not a good king just because they were a bit selfish but still brought peace and prosperity for his people. Every leader is selfish and prideful. People only become a leader because of their selfishness, even if they say they became a leader to help others they still had their own personal goals that made them selfish. There is selfishness in everyone. As long as the king did his job then he/she is a good

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