Katy Perry's Song E. T.

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Katy Perry’s song E.T. was released to radio stations around the world and instantly became popularized by teenage girls globally. During adolescence, hormones rise and adolescents’ thoughts become more deviant and sexual; thus, the sexual theme that is put forth through the song’s instrumental tones and the song’s lyrics caught the attention of many adolescents. Adolescents dance in a sexy manner that follows the song’s rhythm while relating their own fantasies to the lyrics. For example, this song portrays a female’s desire for an attractive male who she does not know: “you’re so hypnotizing, could you be the devil, could you be an angel?” Similarly, female adolescents’ attention is drawn to males as well as finding excitement in the mysteries of someone new. They also tend to fabricate scenarios about males—who they may or may not know—just as the song does. Moreover, as adolescents’ hormones drive their sexual desires, adolescents battle between factual and hypothetical fantasies. For instance, this song coincides a hypothetical fantasy that is more taboo: “kiss me, infect me with your love and fill me with your poison…take me, wanna be a victim, ready for…show more content…
Wishing Well also reveals a more realistic super-ego driven fantasy. However, Shangri-las’ song is similar to Katy Perry’s song in the way that they both represent a female’s desire for a male. For example, throughout the song, a female is dreaming about her relationship with a male she likes: “we’ll never fight, and we’ll step out Friday night, you’ll buy me pretty things…and I’ll get my wedding ring.” Shangri’s song focuses more on the female’s long term mental attraction towards a male rather than the short term sexual attraction like Katy Perry’s song. Either way, female adolescents’ usually begin with a sexual attraction towards a male before a mental

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