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Effective leaders are people who are looked up to and admired by individuals. Effective leaders can be born or made and they possess certain traits that can influence the different types of leadership styles they have as well. Katy Perry is an effective leader because she brings awareness to important causes, promotes positivity and inspiration, and possesses the right traits and personality to inspire millions of individuals. Katy Perry has used her fame to bring awareness to many different causes. She has been involved in various different causes over the years and has even donated millions of dollars of her own money to these important causes. One of the causes that she has joined in on is UNICEF in Madagascar which she helped children with nutritional and educational needs. Other causes that she has been involved with over the years are the Keep a Breast Foundation, Young Survival Coalition, Fashion Against AIDS, MusiCares, and much more. She has had various proceeds from ticket sales between the Hello Katy Tour, California Dreams Tour, and Prismatic World Tour donated to many of these different charitable causes. Katy is not only an effective leader for her charitable donations, however. She is an…show more content…
Katy’s music has a variety of different topics that include love, self-love, heartbreak, and more. One of her most popular singles Part of Me was released after her divorce from Russell Brand was made public. Some of the lyrics include “ Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows, but you’re not gonna break my soul” which can be shown as saying that no matter what is going on she is not going to let it break her. Her music is relatable and it makes individuals not feel alone. Her music is not one of the only things that makes her an effective leader

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