Overall Impressions Of Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton

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Part I: What was your overall impression of the novel you chose? Was it what you expected? Answer: The novel I chose was Ethan Frome (Wharton). My overall impression was of a tragic love story like Romeo and Juliet. Already knowing the outcome there are many ways to see what was happening to Ethan and his love hope. “His face tingled and he felt dizzy, as if he had stopped in at the Starkfield saloon on a zero day for a drink” (Wharton 151). Here, talking about being next to his Juliet, Ethan exhibits towering feelings of love and appreciation for these moments in his life. Looking back at the beginning of the book, I did not know what to expect except that something was coming. The tone of the the book was that there would be a lesson to be learned. Part II: What, in your opinion, are the most important characteristics that distinguish American literature?…show more content…
Whether it is fact or fiction the reading needs a connection to the reader and we all have feelings. This makes me wonder if there are more love stories than anything else? I guess that depends on the definition of love one is using. Then, if the story can touch the reader in a mental way. One way I see this. and it can draw me in, is the way the characters speak. “For I'd 'a' been ashamed to tell him that you grudged me the money to get back my health, when I lost it nursing your own mother!" (Wharton 111). Here, I can here a different way of speaking that reminds me of people I have met in life, and it takes me to different

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