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Jun Kaneko is a Japanese ceramic artist. Born in 1942 in the Nagoya Prefecture of Japan, Kaneko worked in a studio to learn the practice of art during the daytime, and at nighttime, he attended high school. He later came to the United States around the age of 21 for his studies, and attended Chouinard Institute of Art where he particularly focused on ceramics. He later taught at multiple schools in the USA, and eventually established one of his studios in Omaha, Nebraska, which is his primary place of work. Jun Kaneko has worked over the course of many years at several experimental studios, and his own artwork has appeared in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. He has over thirty art commissions in…show more content…
Yes, it is impressive that he is able to create and finish such larger-than-life pieces, and that he works not just with one medium, but multiple types. However, his pieces of work are nothing that special to me. One can appreciate modern art, but from his statues and such, I just feel a strange funky vibe when I observe photographs of them. With his most popular dango works I must marvel at how intricately they are painted some of them, and I must gape at the size that I can feel emenated right through the photograph. However, I'm not entirely impressed by them. Though his glasswork is more simple, it is just as colorful and I can feel a better appreciation for this medium of his. The rhythm and balance can be understood by observation of these works, and the colors are quite sound together. His paintings, even though they fall into his constant theme of larger than life, produce some sort of tone and emotion that I cannot put my finger on. However, no matter what he's working with, all his artwork follows the same type of theme, or color scheme, or design, and it's almost as if you're looking at the same thing, but just in a different format. While I can give Mr. Kaneko some praise for his efforts, I cannot entirely fawn over and commend what he has contributed for about 40

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