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Welcome To Gary Silva, DDS | Lodi, CA Welcome to Gary Silva, DDS! Dr. Gary Silva and his staff take great satisfaction in helping patients achieve optimal dental health and a smile they can feel great about. We believe a beautiful smile is a great thing to have and a wonderful thing to share. When beauty, health, and function all come together, it is literally life-changing. Dr. Silva has been serving the communities of Lodi, Galt, Stockton, and Elk Grove since 1992. We are proudly committed to providing our patients with unsurpassed service. We work hard to offer quality and comfortable dental care to each and every patient who visits our office. In this busy day and age, many practices seem to forget the importance of making sure every patient…show more content…
And More! These options are designed to help you achieve the results you want. In fact, they can even be combined for a complete smile makeover! You can choose any number of the cosmetic services listed above and watch the treatments work their magic! If your smile needs a complete cosmetic overhaul, we can help by offering you top-notch treatment options and service you can’t beat. Make An Appointment If you are ready to begin your journey to a more beautiful smile, please contact our office today. We can help you achieve the results you have been wishing for and increase your confidence. You can succeed at work and in your relationships by investing in yourself. Call us at 209-200-8850. You can also send us a message using our online form. We will be happy to help you get started today! I’m Having a Hard Time Chewing | Gary Silva, DDS If you are having a hard time chewing, you are not alone. Many people in the United States today are living without teeth, and their lifestyles are suffering because of it. Our team can help you find the solution to your problem by offering beautiful, reliable restorations. Improve your appearance, functionality, health, and overall quality of life by choosing a restoration option from Gary Silva,…show more content…
Let’s talk about a couple of them and how they could potentially help you restore your mouth’s functionality and appearance. Dental implants. Dental implants are a type of restoration that completely replaces the tooth. The implant is a prosthetic tooth root that is placed directly into your gum. We work with a local periodontist to place the implants before crafting and loading them with a beautiful new porcelain crown. These crowns are designed to look and feel just like natural teeth. Dental implants restore almost 100 percent of your natural chewing ability. We offer traditional single implant placements, All-on-4 procedures, and mini dental implants. Talk to Dr. Silva about which implant option might be best for you. Dentures. We craft custom-fitted dentures for patients needing to replace some or all of their natural teeth. We provide both full removeable and partial dentures. Dentures are replacement teeth that are set in a gum-colored plastic mold. This mold sits directly over your gums and restores the functionality and appearance of your mouth. For more information on dentures, please visit our page

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