Allusion In Hamlet

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Passion can be proven through voice and imagery of a person’s dialect. William Shakespeare uses language as a huge key to developing the plot. In this section of the play, the ex-king’s ghost, Hamlet, lingers on earth to say his peace about his death. His use of metaphoric comparisons and dramatic allusions challenge the protagonist, son of Hamlet, to seek revenge upon the murderer of his father, Claudius. He negatively characterizes Claudius, who also happens to be the new king and his wife’s new husband. A social commentary about the harsh realities of death can be developed through the passage. The piece begins straightaway with the vulgar descriptors “incestuous, adulterate beast” (line 1). The adjectives start the reader off to channeling…show more content…
Of course one will always find himself to be of better quality than the next, it is just human nature. Contrary to popular belief, the king’s return was solely to inform his son about his death and to make sure the new king never has a special place in Hamlet’s heart after seeing what he did to gain the thrown. Some say his return was to defend Denmark but the passage proves otherwise. The allusion of lust being in heaven, such a beautiful place, preying on garbage seems wrong. That is the purpose because lust comes to those of low morals such as Claudius to makes its home in heaven aka the queens heart. These allusions prove Shakespeare’s genius and ability to connect with different sides of…show more content…
The use of personal pronouns help the reader and protagonist draw nearer to the situation. It was “my secure hour” said the king in line 20, that “thy uncle stole”. “of life, of crown, of queen at once dispatched” (line 34). Shakespeare does not specify the word stole because of the wide range of things that Claudius stole by taking his life. Next, the disturbing way in which the king was killed is verified through similies. Simply stating that the king was poisoned would not hold the same effect as saying the distilment hardened his blood and pierced his skin with a crusty topping. This proves how death varies from innocent, natural death, to

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