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The New Religious Movement, the Jonestown Movement was led by James Warren (Jim ) Jones from 1950's to 1978. Jim Jones originally started his own church called " Wings of Deliverance" the movement soon became known as Peoples Temple. His Church consist of Christian members that were predominantly black, working and lower class white, and the elderly, and educated white elite. Jim Jones had over 900 followers in Indianapolis IN in the 1950's. Jones was known for his "healing power" and preached on human freedom, equality, love, and focused on helping the poor. He believed in a belief called "Translation", that he and his followers would all die together and move to a planet with life of bliss. He later moved the cult to California , then moved…show more content…
The "white night" ritual consist of waking up the followers at night and giving them a cup of liquid that they believed consist of poison. After they drank the liquid they were told that they were not going to die and it was a test of loyalty. Jones made them practice this for the future mass suicide. The religion started as Christian beliefs which was believed to become more socialism than Christan's.The belief that once you die you will cross over into a new life, a better life. This is a partial belief with the Jonestown Movement. Jim Jones believed that upon death he and his followers would cross into a planet with life of bliss. Unlike the Christianity religion, he believed in suicide. Some of the followers complained about their human rights and tried to leave the cult but were stopped and attacked by the Peoples Temple gunmen. Soon after Jim Jones announced his "Revolutionary Suicide", the suicide ritual that was being practiced in the cult. He provided toxic punch mixed with Cyanide and Valium to the followers, the children and the ones who refused were the first to drink. Over 900 followers died at

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