Johann Gutenberg's Contribution To History

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What would life be like if we could not print books, papers, and documents? Would you want to be the person whose sole job is to copy books by hand? Johann Gutenberg was a man who lived during the Renaissance era. Gutenberg created a machine called the printing press, which made printing large quantities of papers and books more convenient than before. His movable printing press worked so well that it went without major change until the 20th century. He also wrote his own bible entitled “The Gutenberg Bible.” Some main points that will be explained in this essay are Gutenberg’s life and career, his contributions to history, and what life would be like if Johann Gutenberg didn’t exists. Johann Gutenberg was born in the 14th century…show more content…
First of all, the way we print documents would not be as advanced as it is today. Who knows how long it would have taken someone else to do what Gutenberg did. Today, we might still be experimenting with different ways of arranging text. If the idea of having individual characters never caught on in big places like Europe, we would be so much further behind then we are now. Secondly, the job of being a scribe would be more relevant. The longer books were being handwritten, the more money would be put into paying these people. As authors kept writing books and making them longer, being a scribe would be a high ranking job, since they were needed to publish books. Lastly, “The Gutenberg Bible” would not have been created. There obviously would have been something that was the first to be printed on a printing press. However, it would not be “The Gutenberg Bible,” and it would not have been done by Johann Gutenberg. It is clear that Johann Gutenberg changed the printing industry forever. We would not be this advanced today without him and his ideas. Gutenberg made printing large quantities of paper possible. All of the things mentioned in this essay go to show that Johann Gutenberg changed the world, and the way we print things for the

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