Jig And Georgiana

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Sometimes, people convince others to do things they, themselves, do not want to do. In the stories “Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway and “The Birthmark” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. There are two girls, one from each story, who seem very dissimilar. Named Jig and Georgiana, these girls are alike in many ways. They both have controlling men that tries to take away something that the girls want to keep. They want the guys to be happy but have to make a decision to go along with a serious operation or not. Last the girls have very low self-esteem. Not only do the girls have a lot in common but the guys do also. Jig is a pregnant girl. Throughout the story she is helpless, confused, and indecisive. Jig is interested in everything around…show more content…
Every man she has met has gone crazy over her beauty and many would risk death for the privilege of touching her birthmark. But Georgiana cares only about her husband, Aylmer, opinion of her. He loves her but wants the birthmark gone away. “Has it ever occurred to you that the mark upon your cheek might be removed?”(Hawthorne 257). Georgiana tells him how people called it a charm and that she’s beautiful. (Hawthorne 257) He replies by telling her basically yea it’s a charm but not on your face. (“Ah, upon another face, perhaps it might”). As always Georgiana believes she should do anything to make Aylmer happy. Because Aylmer thinks the birthmark is ugly, she now thinks herself ugly, and they both become unhappy in their marriage. She want to make him happy so much that she willingly risks death for him by removing the birthmark. He tells her he had a dream about removing her birthmark. He says the deeper he cut, the deeper the birthmark went, until it was a part of Georgiana's heart. (Hawthorne 258) In the dream, he wanted to keep cutting through her heart to get it out. Georgiana is so upset by this dream that she tells Aylmer to figure out a way to get rid of the birthmark (Hawthorne 259). After everything has happened Sadly, Georgiana wakes up, she tells Aylmer that she is dying. “…..You have rejected the best that earth could offer. Aylmer I am dying!”(Hawthorne 268). Then, as we might expect,

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