Japanese Internment Camp Research Paper

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The Japanese Internment Camp WWII was a tragic event for the United States. The worst problem was that the Japanese bombed the United States. The Japanese, Internment camp, horrible for the Japanese Americans, In prisoned many after Pearl Harbor. The Japanese Internment Camp was caused when the Japanese bombed the United States at Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked the United States fleets at Pearl Harbor and it declared that all Japanese noncitizens are to be spy. The Americans were in shocked because they didn’t know that the bombing was going to happen from what the people of the United States can infer is that the Japanese planned the attacked. On march2, 1942 the U.S. Army announces that all Japanese would be removed from the West Coast. The reason why they removed the Japanese from the coast so they don’t try to Escaped or try to attack the United States again.…show more content…
The Japanese Internment Camp started during World War II. During the camp the Japanese were Caucasion and the camps were guarded with Solider and barbed wire fences. All Japanese were loaded up in a trains carts and shipped off to the camps as they were unloaded. They realized that their were about114,000 Americans Japanese. Four days later the F.B.I arrested 1,370 Japanese Americans that were known as danger to the enemy aliens. In April and September of 1942, over 120,000 Japanese Americans served in these camps. Two of the camps were built in the swamps of Arkansas. In the two camps it was guarded with soldiers from the towers or by a high barded fences. (contino,56). The Japanese Internment Camps were like a prison to the Japanese. All the Japanese had to be home between 8:00pm and 6:30 am. The Japanese founded ways to enjoy lives and most of the people got along and general people approached life at camp with a spiritual of cooperation. Camp life was tension between the older and young generation as the Japanese tradition were deeply
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