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You may have heard sayings such as “forget about it” or “bada bing bada boom”, but that’s not how Italians speak. You may have been lead to believe that Italians are violent, dumb, loud rude and are womanizers, but that’s not how Italians are. You may have heard words used to describe Italians like guido, guidette, mobster and wop, but that’s not who Italians are. All these stereotypes have been linked to Italians because of the media’s portrayal of them. Television shows such as Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Mob Wives and Growing up Gotti portrays Italians as low lives, who act like bimbos and buffoons. In addition, movies such as The Godfather, Goodfellas and the HBO series The Sopranos portray Italians…show more content…
This idea started when the movies, The Godfather, Goodfellas, and the show The Sopranos were released. When Italians migrated to North America, small Italian mafia groups from Palermo, Sicily came as well and occupied most of Chicago and New York. The Americans interest in the mafia led to the making of films and television shows about the lives of those associated, such as famous Italian mobsters Al Capone and John Gotti. The way Italians are portrayed in the movies and television is based on the public’s perception of them and it is over exaggerated. There are two common stereotypes that are present throughout all three of these media pieces which is patriarchal families and the use of violence. The viewers perception of Italians is that the men are a part of the family business while the women are preoccupied with their role as housewives, catering to their husbands every need as if he were a God. The second common stereotype that is portrayed through these shows and movies are that Italians are very violent. We apparently use guns and acts of violence to deal with people who have betrayed us. These stereotypes are false. I come from an authentic Italian family where both of my parents work and they both cook and take care of house work. Since 1928, there have been 846 films that have portrayed Italians in a negative light. Only 12 percent of the mobsters you see on television are based…show more content…
They use derogatory terms on this show such as guido and guidette which the cast refers to as being a “lifestyle”; how your hear is done, having fake tans, and partying. Of course this is the response you get from a bunch of twenty-somethings who claim to be Italian, but do not actually possess any knowledge of the Italian culture. Mike is a hundred percent Italian, but he doesn’t speak Italian, he has never been to Italy and he was not born in Italy, OK Mike sure you’re Italian! The Urban Dictionary defines a guido as a man who is usually Italian American, who is regarded as vain, aggressively masculine and socially unsophisticated. While a guidette is a female version of a guido who is overly tanned, wears tight clothing, has breast implants and is known for her overly sexual demeanour. They act like a bunch of hormonal young adults who only like partying, drinking and getting into bar fights. The purpose of these shows are to create humour, but it is at the expense of the Italian culture. What we see on these shows are over-tanned bodies, gaudy jewelry and over-exposed cleavage. These people seem to be addicted to alcohol and the night club scene as well as are egotistical about their outer appearance and show pride in their sexual decisions. These people who claim to be all about living up to Italian standards are actually degrading not only

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