Force And Influence Of Human Behavior In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Cultures, values, emotions, genetics, and even attitudes are factors that contribute to human behavior on a daily basis. Force, meaning to have strength or energy as an attribute of physical action, can persuade a person to feel or act a certain way. The person forced is always influenced by another human. In the story of Dorian Gray, there is a plethora of force used towards Dorian, making the significance of this being, characters transforming into insecure aggressive humans. The use of force and influence on human behavior is interpreted as negative on the story of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, and Macbeth. Force and influence have a great significance on human behavior by showing how humans can think, share opinions and grow…show more content…
In the dramatic story of Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, there is multiple ways in which force and influence are used influencing the human behavior of Victor, and his creation of the big ferocious monster. In this novel, the creature tries to take over Victor, and influences him to make Frankenstein’s monster a companion. He (the monster) promises that if Victor follows through that Victor will never have to suffer over the monster murdering someone else in his family. On page 146 and 147, Victor is put in a tight situation as the monster, whom he created pleads to have him make him a female version of him. The monster begs and tries to influence Victor to create her. In this scene the conflicted character, Victor goes from influenced to forced quickly. The monster threatens to murder and destroy everyone Victor has ever cared about and loved, if he doesn’t create someone for the ugly, desperate beast. This example of force and influence on human behavior shows significance on how dumb, and oblivious characters can act when under pressure or blinded by being influenced, (in this case it was Victor, by creating the monster). The creature’s threat on Frankenstein was an influence because of the drive of the monster to have a significant other made. It

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