Isaac Cline: Technological Innovation And Industrialization

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On September 8th, 1900 there was a hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas. This storm was a disaster in American history and it had killed many people, animals, homes, and businesses. But, there were some residents who survived the storm such as Isaac Cline, his children and younger brother Joseph. But it was believed that technological innovation and industrialization progress was involved in the storm. In my opinion, there were technological innovation and industrialization involved it had mention a lot of meteorologists tools and terms, and how the novel (Isaac’s Storm) mentioned the telegraphs for communications, horse carriages or trains for transportation, and growing populations; without technology or the industrialization progress. The citizens of Galveston would not survive without them.…show more content…
For the rain, it grew to fourteen inches to sixteen inches. There were some streets flooded, animals were drowning, young boys had to converted tubs to boats (Lanson 20). But there was no hurricane (storm) taken place at the time. There were not many technological innovations involved yet until Isaac Cline started using it before the hurricane had hit his town. Isaac Cline was a meteorologist who passed away at the age of ninety-three in the year of 1955 and he had survived from the storm along with his children and younger brother. He had to use technology because it is the way to solve the issue of the storm such as where is the hurricane headed, how strong is the wave tide, had to measure the atmospheric pressure, and to write down the forecast of the weather everyday. Isaac had to be sure and wanted every residents in his town to be safe from this horrific storm that will hit his town

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