Is Google Making Us Lazy

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Nash Bulaong English 114 Andrew Levine November 18, 2014 Our continuing technological advances have been praised throughout the years. This growth has been signified to show the growing intelligence amongst our society. Inventions in the last two decades have shown exponential improvement. One of the most notable inventions being the Internet, with its vast source of information, has influenced us tremendously. The Internet was followed by the invention of handheld devices that allow access to the Internet almost anywhere at anytime. These devices and sources of information make it all too easy to access. Most people thrive off the simplicity of finding what they need to know. It has made us lazy, expecting answers to be given rather than…show more content…
Most people immediately start up their computer and Google key words then click the first link. We have become accustomed to this system, so much so that it has become almost universal. Jonah Lehrer states in his article, “Our Cluttered Minds”, that in a research conducted in 2008 on 34 million academic articles demonstrates that scholars were citing fewer previous articles but relying on more recent publications. This raises the question why in a world that everything is available to us we all read the same thing? In an article by Nicholas Carr titled, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he states, “They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought.” This refers to the Internet and how it affects how we receive and search for information. Although the Internet allows unlimited amount of information to be available, the simplicity of it has trained our minds to become lazy and rely on the instant answers given rather than searching any…show more content…
I’m troubled with task requiring long concentration and I’m always plagued by the urge to look at my phone. The points stated in Carr’s article can all be applied to me. Growing up being introduced to devices such as the cell phone and laptop has definitely shaped the way I search and process information. Growing up with a cell phone is by far the greatest influence on not only me but also most those around my age. Access to a cell phone has granted us instant gratification that we have become accustomed to. We are constantly updated and our brains have been trained to be constantly receiving information. If we are stagnant for too long we feel the need to have access to new information. This explains the why our attention span has been shortened; we are constantly feeding our brain different and unrelated information making us unable to concentrate on one thing for too

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