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PART 2: 5.4 INTERNEE WORK: I had done my 6 weeks internship program in BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB) Paris Road, branch. During my internship program, I gained a lots of experience about working environment. The staff of BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB) was very cooperative, well- mannered and well discipline. The whole staff of the BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB) was very polite and cooperative my nature. I really enjoy to work with them. I like the environment of BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB). Working there makes many beautiful memories. I like that female employees of BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB) encourage me to adopt banking as a profession. But unfortunately male employees discourages by telling the problems that women’s are faced in professional…show more content…
The period of my internship experience are given below: 5.4.1 Introduction of internee’s branch: I worked in BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB) located at Paris Road Sialkot, 0003. BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB) is located in rural area. The BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB) not only facilitate the rural areas but also facilitate the urban areas of Punjab. I worked and learnt from different departments included (cash department, remittance department, clearing department, account opening department, and general banking department.). There are many employees working in BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB). In Paris Road branch, there are 21 employees worked. I started my internship in BOP (THE BANK OF PUNJAB) from 8th of AUGUST, 2016 and ended date is 22nd of SEPTEMBER, 2016. 5.4.2 Supervisors Detail: In internship period I worked in 5 departments. In each department there are 2 supervisors, who guide or supervise me how to work and also helping me in various…show more content…
WAQAR BUTT: Cash Manager.  Grade: OG-111 MR. HAMZA guide me how to collect receipts and payments of cash and receipt of utility bills and instalments of motor vehicles. Also taught that the cheques should not be post-dated or anti-dated and figures of cheques should tally with the amount in words.  Position of MR. HAMZA: Cash Officer.  Grade: OG-II 2: Remittance Department: MISS JAWERIA WAHEED supervise and guide me how to collect and enter the data of a person/ client who take or transfer of payments.  Position of MISS JAWERIA WAHEED: Operations Officer.  Grade: OG-111 3: Account Opening Department: MR. ADEEL HUSSAIN taught me how to open accounts and how to maintain of records.  Position of MR. ADEEL HUSSAIN: Account Opening Officer.  Grade: OG-111 MR. BASHARAT ALI also guide me about the documents that needed for account opening.  Position of MR. BASHARAT ALI: Operations Officer.  Grade: OG-11 4: Clearing Department: MR. RIZWAN MALIK tell us about the representation of dishonoured cheques after the removal of past objections and types of clearing and also give me a memo list.  Position of MR.RIZWAN MALIK: Clearing Officer.  Grade: OG-111 5: General

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