Internal Recruitment In Tesco

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The recruitment phase involves identifying and hiring the best suited candidate from the labour market either within the organisation or outside the organisation as fast as possible and for the least resources. Recruitment can be both internal and external. Internal recruitment involves evaluating existing employees’ skills and determining whether their skills are appropriate for new vacancies within the organisation. External recruitment involves identifying potential candidates outside of the organisation and determining whether they have the relevant skills and/or education to fill a job post (Business Dictionary, 2015). Selection can be referred to as a process of interviewing and evaluating potential employees’ KSAs which stands for Knowledge,…show more content…
It can be used as a means of performance monitoring as it clearly states the responsibilities that an individual must perform, if the responsibilities are not being met or the individual is performing more than expected, managers can then reward employees accordingly. If an individual is not performing certain elements of their job description as required, managers can then identify problematic areas and invest in training and development. It also acts as a guide map for the interviewer which allows the interviewer to ask accurate and related questions (go2HR, 2015). It also affects employee morale as a well written job description eliminates confusion between employees which in return boosts productivity (Ashe-Edmunds,…show more content…
Tesco also knows how current employees perform and moving them to a new position can be regarded as appraisal. Keeping the same employees in a workplace also benefits the working environment and may contribute to a low labour turnover. This method of recruitment is also cost effective as there is considerably less advertising involved in internal advertising. Ultimately Tesco knows the abilities of their current employees and doesn’t have to take the risk of employing an unknown individual if it can find a suitable candidate internally. This also creates a sense of stability in the business and will boost morale in the long-term. (Root,

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