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Cancer is a very devastating disease to anyone that is going through it or even knowing someone that is going through it. The disease could be deadly if not treated in time or treated right. There are many types of cancer you can get in your body but one of the main types is the kidney cancer. Kidneys are two bean shaped organs. Kidneys are very small like the size of your fist. There are two kidney’s in your body, one on both sides of your spine which remove extra water, salt, and any other waste products which makes your urine. Although your kidney’s are an important thing in your body in order to function right, one kidney is only really needed to live. You do not need both of your kidneys, a lot of people only have one. Kidney cancer is…show more content…
If you are to get this cancer then your kidney’s grow larger in size almost like a tumor, it grows larger by the stage of cancer it is. But luckily, usually doctor’s find the cancer before it spreads anywhere else in the body. There are 100 different cancers in the kidney, about 5 out of 10 of the cancers are transitional cell carcinomas. This type of cancer doesn’t actually start in either of the kidney’s, it starts in the lining of the renal pelvis in which the urine goes. The lining of the renal pelvis is made up of cells called transitional cells that also look like the cells that line the ureters and the bladder. Cancers that come from these cells look like others such as bladder cancer, under the microscope when looking at a tissue sample. Similar to bladder cancer, these cancers are often connected to cigarette smoking and being on certain medications for a long period of time. People that have this type of cancer in the kidney usually have the same signs and symptoms as the people with renal cell cancer, which could be blood in the urine or sometimes back pain that doesn’t stop. Sometimes kidney cancer is treated by surgery of removing the whole kidney and as well a portion of the

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