Informative Essay On Halloween Rituals

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Rituals involve a sequence of activities like words, gestures, and objects. Rituals take place in sequestered places, usually has a fixed sequence and various factors. Halloween is one kind of ritual celebration that occurs at some specific time. Halloween celebration falls on 31st of October of every year. Everone has some memory of Halloween. It is a periodic ritual since it occurs at some specific times. Halloween was once called All Hallows` Eve during the early Christian times. During this period, people would honor the saints and pray for the dead. Halloween occurs the night before the All Saints` Day and is characterized by many problems and costumes. The children get a chance to interact with the adults and often take part in many supervised activities. The symbols of Halloween are potent and the children love conceals themselves in evils. Kids are often let loose in the streets, where they walk around their neighbourhood dressed as vampire, goblins, or witches. One thing the majority of people who take part in Halloween celebrations do is place lit candles in carved jack-o-lanterns and display them. Halloween`s origin is traced back 2,000 years to the Samhain, that is the Day of the Dead. People believed that the spirits of…show more content…
Listening to three hoots of owls and seeing a white cat during Halloween brings bad luck. Looking over the left shoulder and noticing a new moon could possibly bring in bad luck and many people believed that omens of death occurr during Halloween. For example, dreams of death and birds flying into sick persons’s window indicated death. Predictions that have occurred during Halloween involved spirit taking away persons who dared to talk at the table during dinner. The unbroken apple peel made during the night of Halloween could predict how long one would

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