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Anyone who knows me personally knows my favorite band is blink-182. The personality of the band combined with the music itself makes you feel like you know the band personally. Like they are singing in front of you and after they finish a song they crack a couple dick jokes to make you laugh. They get you. They hate the people you hate. They aren't afraid to be themselves. Blink-182 is also a perfect example of being true to yourself, when you are who you truly are, having fun with your friends on stage and making each other laugh, the fans will come. And the year is 2015 and the fans are still here. Eagerly waiting new music from the trio who hasnt released anything since December, 2012. When suddenly, arguably the most iconic voice of the band, Tom DeLonge quits. It wouldn't be the first time he quit the band, as he's the main reason blink disbanded in 2005 for an indefinite hiatus. So lets go back a little while to 1992. 25 years ago, Tom DeLonge was introduced to Mark Hoppus and the two hit it off immediately. Constantly making each other laugh, so when the idea struck that the two…show more content…
That made us feel like we aren't alone as a teenager and could relate to all our short 6-month teenage romances that still hurt as much as a year or two. Yes, everyone has to grow up, but does that mean DeLonge has to leave the band that he is best known for? On some degree, yes. DeLonge has been getting more bold with interviewing lately and has been releasing more details as to why he left. It's not as simple as he didn't want to make music with them anymore. DeLonge has a butt ton of projects going on. He has created a character by the name of Poet Anderson and he is creating comic books, films and soundtracks to move along with the character. Under contracts and deadlines, DeLonge has dug himself a hole in which Blink is no longer accessible and to be honest, he seems pretty comfy in that hole

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