Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor

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Chuck Palahniuk begins Survivor by telling the story of a man named Tender Branson. Tender is a member of the death cult known as Creedish Church. In chapter 47, the author describes the hijacking of the plane by Tender. To start, Tender lets all of the passengers off the plane, keeping only the pilot on board. After takeoff, and once the plane is on autopilot, he allows the pilot to leave, offering him a parachute to jump with. After the pilot abandons the aircraft, Tender has successfully hijacked the plane without harming a single person. After the hijacking, the story of Tender continues backwards through time. From here, the author goes on to explain everything leading to this point. The techniques Chuck Palahniuk uses to write Survivor allows the reader to develop an understanding of the story of Tender Branson and his hijacking.…show more content…
The book starts on page 289 and chapter 47 and moves on to end with page 1, chapter 1. This technique the author uses allowed the reader to gain a different perspective on the book. While the author uses this writing style, the story unfolds in a way that you can see how one event lead to another. Instead of the reading something from the first half of the book and forgetting how it relates to an idea at the end, going in a reverse order for this book makes sense so that you can see exactly what in his life lead to him hijacking an airplane. The creative use of this technique added further understanding and an interesting twist to the story. Along with a backwards timeline for the story, the author also has the story told in first

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