Individualism In The Lego Movie

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The two central cultural principles present in the world today are individualistic and collectivistic societies, and each were illustrated in The Lego Movie. Individualist cultures place worth on the individual while collectivism places value on the group instead of the individual. Movements are meant to encourage the family, community or nation, but not the self. The Lego Movie contrasts both of these cultures, and teaches us to learn the benefits and costs of each. This film illustrates how the two cultures can complement each other. The first community shown in the movie is a depiction of a collectivist society. The medley during the construction site scene shows their teamwork ability; it highlights the group as a whole. Although this…show more content…
The first benefit of this society is the variety. Their uniqueness is expressed by their physical appearance such as their jerseys, superhero costumes, their personal preferences of what to build, and their ability to formulate original thoughts. Because of that diversity, this sort of society is able to be more efficient at problem solving as well as be more inventive than a collectivist society. The second value of an individualistic culture is its independence. Procedures are partial, authority is aloof and the individual has the liberty to be whoever they want. This is best illustrated by Lucy who had changed her name multiple times before deciding on a unique name. The third benefit of an individualistic society is spontaneity and fun. Actions are unique and the contrast here is that collectivist societies have set guidelines, or a “rule book,” while an individualistic society doesn’t. For the collectivistic society, the obvious downfall is the questionable principles and integrity of the one making the rules. Lord Business portrays this well when he abuses his authority to use the community for his own purposes; also known as a tyrant. Dictators are prominent in collectivist societies and in order to have a successful collectivist society you need a ruler who cares more about the community than he or she does about his or her own ideas. For example, the kid is considered a “picture-perfect” ruler because he respects the Legos while his father wants to use them for his own

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