Independent Payment Advisory Board Paper

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The concept of doctors employed as independent professionals, accountable only to their expert criterions and to their patients, is to be eliminated once and for all. In an Accountable Care Organization doctors do not owe the accountability to the patients, but to the ACO itself and to the Central Authority that standardizes it. This is the central structure of ACA. Within this configuration, the patients will lose their individual supporters. They will no longer be individuals to doctors, but will be participants of a mass group which an ACO is responsible at the lowest cost (Pipes, 2010). In any organization in which healthcare expenses are shared communally, controlling the price of healthcare will need withholding helpful medical services from patients who would benefit from them. By reducing physicians to affiliates of a united healthcare system which makes judgments collectively is a vivid move. The ACA offers numerous ways for the Central…show more content…
The IPAB is a 15-member panel of specialists who will be selected by the President. There are three specific features of the IPAB that exemplify the following: The IPAB will govern all healthcare expenditures, both public and private. The IPAB has been given almost a dictatorial authority. The IPAB has numerous responsibilities including, the principal duty to enforce a final control on healthcare spending. The fact is that the ACA awards the IPAB, a non-elected unit inside the federal government, the power to regulate all healthcare disbursements, including private expenditures (Congressional Budget Office). We have perceived from President Obama that the IPAB is a very significant entity of our new healthcare system. The ACA entails that the IPAB is not only the most chief revolution in the ACA, is the most influential legislative specification ever

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