Indane Gas Case Study

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Overview of Gas Connection Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is one of the most versatile materials. LPG used from powering vehicles to being used as a cooking Gas in home as well as commercially. LPG has become the widely used household fuel because of the convenience and safety. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is not only an economical fuel source but it is also easy to use and store. Key Uses of LPG • The people use LPG for cooking at home. • As a fuel replacement for petrol and diesel. • The LPG also used in Industry like glass cutting, confectionary industry and steel industry. • LPG is also used for agriculture purposes in drying process. • The LPG is used for as a main fuel for vehicle. Major LPG Cylinder Provider in India Indane Gas Indane Gas is today’s one of the largest packed LPG brand in the world and has been conferred the coveted consumer super brand status by the Super Brands Councils of India. If you are looking to apply for Gas Connection for your home use, one of the choices you will have is to take it from Indane. Everyone can apply for the Indane Gas connection and even Indane participates in various government schemes to provide subsidies. The customers can apply for Gas connection online and they even allow customers to book cylinders.…show more content…
Bharat Gas is another company that provides gas connection to domestic use in India. The customers can apply for Gas connection through the official website of Bharat Gas and even customers can book and know the status of their booking through online. The connection is transferable to any part of the country and is available to

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