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The Inca Empire was one of the most influential Mesa-american empires. Their people were once part of the rugged Andes Mountain chain. This was early in the thirteenth century. The empire was distinct in the way that it brought together over seven million people, all speaking different languages, ranging over two thousand miles. Even though they were all different, they came together to work towards a common goal. They excelled in architecture and design, inventions, and expansion. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, architecture is the art or science of designing or creating buildings. They built stoneworks capable of tolerating the most extreme earthquakes. They designed these buildings to exist amidst nature, and for them to blend…show more content…
It was “the coin” of the empire. Their building were always practical and pleasing to the eye. The material they used was stone. This consists of three types; Yucay limestone, green Scsahuaman diorite porphyry, and black andesite. Each block could weigh more than a ton. They were moved by ropes, logs, poles, levers, or ramps. They were most commonly rectangular, and without dividing walls like most structures today. Some of the inventions of the Inca were the quipus, calendar, and musical instruments. The quipus was created because they needed a way to remember everything they had counted in the tribe they had most recently conquered. There was a main string, and tied to that, there was colored strings. The color and the distance between the knots tied in each string told a story. It might record dates, statistics, accounts, or even folk…show more content…
They expanded very rapidly, which caused for the invention of the quipus—I mentioned before. They also has a system for dealing with these new groups. First, roads were built to connect the new territory to the rest of the empire. Next. government officials and military would enter the territory and count the wealth. The people were brought to the center of the Inca tribe and forced to learn the language and traditions. If they rebelled in even the slightest way, they were killed. The Inca had no tolerance for misbehavior. The army for conquering other groups and land was well organized. Men were trained, well fed, and well dressed. They marched in practice into battle with drums, flutes, and trumpets. They were all proud to be warriors. It was a special job. Their weapons were wooden clubs, which was impressive considering wood was incredibly scarce at that time. Their greatest weapon was the belief that the gods were on their

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